Monday, December 9, 2013

The Art of Letting Go or Not Letting Go! - 5th Year - Bring it On!!

I wont say it has been a bed of roses althgather. Our marriage has been through ups and downs like normal couples. We have fought over petty things, got our own Egos. Said sorry, made up and again fought on the same issues!!

We have been childish and unwilling to change. We have been rubbish and unable to let our Egos Go!

But sometimes we found mid ways to alter our egos and look for a solution. The art of letting go and the art of not letting go!

If you are married, you will understand what I mean!

I am happy that we have survived another year of marriage and it seems to be an achievement when I hear how troubled or unhappy many couples are. What ever the reason is, a marriage is worth keeping it forever!

Happy Wedding Annyversary to both of us.

My customary prose on this occassion:

You have hurt me like no one
You have argued me like no one
You have criticized me like no one
You have snubbed me like no one


You have protected me like no one
You have appreciated me like no one
You have encouraged me like no one
You have agreed to me like no one

Because you have been with me like no one.


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