Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Gulab Part 4

It has taken two years to get in touch with Gulab again. Long time!!! Is she still the same? Or has she taken a different route to fulfilling her dreams. So many questions just keep popping up in my mind. I was curious to see her after such a long time. So I made an appointment with her and tried to connect with her once again. She was still there somewhere, in the background of so many things. She had just taken a backseat. So here I go back again and see where she is after her father appeared suddenly to take her back to the village.

The village, that had never seen a daughter before, the village that did not know what a woman looked like in ages, the village that didn't seem to agree that there is a world outside where man and women live a life alike.

Carrying forward:
Santram - Gulab's father is at the hostel gate, and Sarita ben has packed Gulab's luggage and she's is just coming out of the room to be sent back to the village once again.

"Now that I have made peace with what you wanted me to do, now that I was feeling like a woman, now that I started dreaming, you are here again". Dare she say these words to her father, but she murmured with a dead silence in her eyes, staring towards the flower vase with no flowers on the old wrecked centre piece in the waiting room.

"Beta, lets go home my child, I have missed you so much" said Santram with all the compassion and love he had that poured down his eyes.

"Father, I have missed you too, but..."

"what my dear, I promise I won't send you anywhere else..."

"Father, you know I am happy here" she went close to her father and held his hand and looked into his eyes with the hope that her smile will send him back

"But I thought, you were struggling here, been away from home, in this alien world, how come you are so happy"? Santram asked as he looked so surprised

"Father, you don't know that this world is just so beautiful, I feel so at peace here, this is where I belong, I can be myself, I don't have to hide from anyone ...no one will rape me here because I am not a new thing for them, men and women live as equals"..her pitch raised and suddenly she felt more confident..she went on...

"see these women, they can dress up like they want to, they can be beautiful, they can do whatever they want, I want to be one of them Father, please let me be here".

Santram was not really surprised, somewhere deep down, he knew that Gulab would love this freedom. She would be happier here. He approached Sarita Ben who was standing outside the waiting room and listening to everything that father and daughter had to say to each other.

"Sarita Ben, come inside please, no need to hide, I know you are standing outside, your plat is too long and its just hanging below your knees, next time, when you want to hide behind a curtain, please tie your long hair in a bun.."

Sarita Ben comes inside with a smile on her face and a little guilt of being caught eves dropping.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

When I was Cruising along nicely

When I was cruising along nicely
I thought I did everything wisely

I was perfect in every sense of the word
I was doing everything by book of the God

I was dreaming of a perfect life
I was screaming that I am alive

Yes very much,
I was cruising along nicely
I thought I did everything wisely

One fine day, the life made with me an appointment
And throws me into a challenge to my disappointment

Which meant I couldn't cruise along as nicely
I had challenge to do everything as wisely

But I take on your challenge dear life
No faint hearted fellas on this side

For you I have to be grateful forever
Your Challenge made me realise that I gave up never

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Gulab Part 3

Gulab has just seen the advertisement and wants to think about it.  In fact she has started imagining herself in a uniform, learning waxing, speaking english like Sarita Ben does. She wants to do it. Her eyes are stuck on that flower outside the window, but she's not really looking at it. She wants to think more, indulge in her first fantasies. Her chin is rested on her hand, eyes are wide open, and nothing can make her blink. Except Sarita Ben's voice, "Come on Girl, lets go from here, I have a lot of things to do, I can't keep looking after you like a child, why are you not in your room?, I have been looking for you all around "

Gulab is startled and her dreams are shattered in a second when she looks at Sarita Ben who is escorting her father with her. Instantly she is thinking exactly the opposite of what she was just a second ago. Her face is like a dead dog who has not eaten for thousand years!!

"Look who's here to meet you, YOUR FATHER...I know you missed him so much".  Sarita escorts both of them into a room with no third thing than 2 chairs and a khaki curtain on the door. This is supposed to be a meeting room if you may ask.  Gulab's father is ecstatic .. he can smile from ear to ear and cannot control the excitement of meeting his precious daughter after so many days.

"How are you beti(daughter)...i hope you are fine..sorry I had to send you to the hostel to secure your future from the savages in our village, this city is so amazing..so many women around"! As excited as Gulab when she saw Sarita Ben. "Your warden is also a nice lady". He couldn't say much to his immature daughter but secretly he has also developed a fascination for the warden.

But Gulab was far from excited. She was holding her duppatta (scarf) in her hands in a fist, like holding on to something that his father is going to take away. "Father, how are you, how come you are here?" she asked him with a coy voice without trying to sound interrogative.

"Ofcourse to meet you and take you away from here?" he said

Her fist is wide open and the duppatta flies away from her shoulder and rests on her face. She cannot think for a second, totally shocked.

"Gulab, show me your face beta, remove this dupatta from your face" the father said so lovingly. "I have done the worst thing by sending you away from myself, I cannot believe I sent my such a beautiful girl to an alien place". "I know you must be suffering, I have to take you with me".

Gulab is speechless. She cannot say that the girl that you sent to this alien city has already created a dream world and had just started living the dream of being a beautiful woman, just realised that she is a woman who needs to take care of herself.

Santram did not explain anything to her, nor did she ask for any explanation. They both walked out of the waiting room to see Sarita ben standing outside with Gulab's luggage all packed to leave. 

Monday, December 9, 2013

The Art of Letting Go or Not Letting Go! - 5th Year - Bring it On!!

I wont say it has been a bed of roses althgather. Our marriage has been through ups and downs like normal couples. We have fought over petty things, got our own Egos. Said sorry, made up and again fought on the same issues!!

We have been childish and unwilling to change. We have been rubbish and unable to let our Egos Go!

But sometimes we found mid ways to alter our egos and look for a solution. The art of letting go and the art of not letting go!

If you are married, you will understand what I mean!

I am happy that we have survived another year of marriage and it seems to be an achievement when I hear how troubled or unhappy many couples are. What ever the reason is, a marriage is worth keeping it forever!

Happy Wedding Annyversary to both of us.

My customary prose on this occassion:

You have hurt me like no one
You have argued me like no one
You have criticized me like no one
You have snubbed me like no one


You have protected me like no one
You have appreciated me like no one
You have encouraged me like no one
You have agreed to me like no one

Because you have been with me like no one.


Sunday, November 10, 2013

I am incomplete and I wish to...

I feel I am incomplete
And will be so for ever and ever...
I have nothing outside to compete
Still... I am Incomplete with all the fervour...

When I accomplish myself
I will be no more a mortal ...
When I complete my self
I will be out of this worldly throttle ...

I wish to stay unconquored and scattered
Untill the big farewell comes to gets me...
I wish to remain ungathered and unsorted
For I still want to leave my imprints sprinkled ...

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Delhi Rape Case Verdict..Will this change everything?

The verdict is about to come out for Delhi Gang Rape case that happened last year in December. It shook the world to what extent a man can literally turn into a ruthless savage.

So much has already been said on this issue, I am no different to demand a death penalty for those 4 rapists left to be convicted. But will their death really solve this issue?

Are we safe if we hang them?
Are we safe if we in our homes?
Are we safe of the streets?
Are we safe in schools?
Are we safe in hospitals?
Are we safe in offices?
Are we safe while travelling?
Are we safe in marriages?

I can write endless Are we safe in__________?

It is a request to the youth who are going to bring up their children or are bringing up their children.

Teach your boys the respect and courtesy towards women.
Teach them to pull a chair for a woman before they sit.
Teach them to respect their mothers and sisters are home.
Teach them not only to earn but also to learn from a woman.
Teach them patience and love.
Teach them that the true meaning of being a man is no less than being a woman. 
Give them cars, play stations, guns...But also
Give them barbies and teddy bears to play with, so that they become sensitive towards a delicate things of nature.

Being a man is being privileged.
  • Because nature gave you more muscle than fat
  • Because nature gave you  a faster metabolism
  • Because you don't menstruate
  • You don't PMS
  • You don't get pregnant
  • You don't deliver 
  • You don't have the hormonal turmoil inside you every 10 days. (i.e. A woman's hormones change every 10 days, people fail to understand this simple chemistry)
  • You don't have to wax
  • You are not under the pressure to look slim and sexy all the time.


And then you complaint about how moody your wife, your mother, your sister or your lady boss is??

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Oh..Wow..Riots Time!! Lets Go!

Its riots time in UP...
Time for all the toads in hibernation to come out...
Grab some food in form of blood...
Time for all the desperate, frustrated, impotent freaks to let their anger out...

Smash the bus...Burn that auto
Hurl stones at police, rape that woman roaming free...
Its a banana republic..go crazy..thats one motto..
No one has that remote control to make it pest free..

News TV, News Papers..more spice
26 Dead so far..Tear Jerkers stories to bring up TRP...
Democracy in hands of rapists, scamsters, fraud God Men, temple destroyers,
Oh Wow...Riots Time!! Lets Go..

Narendra Modi has hence prooved
Trigger a Riot
Then Clean up and do cosmetic make up of the City
Ready to become next Prime Minister
So many aspirants in the Queue..
Pick someone from this Riot too..

Why miss the opportunity!!!
Long Live Democracy!!