Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Gulab Part 3

Gulab has just seen the advertisement and wants to think about it.  In fact she has started imagining herself in a uniform, learning waxing, speaking english like Sarita Ben does. She wants to do it. Her eyes are stuck on that flower outside the window, but she's not really looking at it. She wants to think more, indulge in her first fantasies. Her chin is rested on her hand, eyes are wide open, and nothing can make her blink. Except Sarita Ben's voice, "Come on Girl, lets go from here, I have a lot of things to do, I can't keep looking after you like a child, why are you not in your room?, I have been looking for you all around "

Gulab is startled and her dreams are shattered in a second when she looks at Sarita Ben who is escorting her father with her. Instantly she is thinking exactly the opposite of what she was just a second ago. Her face is like a dead dog who has not eaten for thousand years!!

"Look who's here to meet you, YOUR FATHER...I know you missed him so much".  Sarita escorts both of them into a room with no third thing than 2 chairs and a khaki curtain on the door. This is supposed to be a meeting room if you may ask.  Gulab's father is ecstatic .. he can smile from ear to ear and cannot control the excitement of meeting his precious daughter after so many days.

"How are you beti(daughter)...i hope you are fine..sorry I had to send you to the hostel to secure your future from the savages in our village, this city is so many women around"! As excited as Gulab when she saw Sarita Ben. "Your warden is also a nice lady". He couldn't say much to his immature daughter but secretly he has also developed a fascination for the warden.

But Gulab was far from excited. She was holding her duppatta (scarf) in her hands in a fist, like holding on to something that his father is going to take away. "Father, how are you, how come you are here?" she asked him with a coy voice without trying to sound interrogative.

"Ofcourse to meet you and take you away from here?" he said

Her fist is wide open and the duppatta flies away from her shoulder and rests on her face. She cannot think for a second, totally shocked.

"Gulab, show me your face beta, remove this dupatta from your face" the father said so lovingly. "I have done the worst thing by sending you away from myself, I cannot believe I sent my such a beautiful girl to an alien place". "I know you must be suffering, I have to take you with me".

Gulab is speechless. She cannot say that the girl that you sent to this alien city has already created a dream world and had just started living the dream of being a beautiful woman, just realised that she is a woman who needs to take care of herself.

Santram did not explain anything to her, nor did she ask for any explanation. They both walked out of the waiting room to see Sarita ben standing outside with Gulab's luggage all packed to leave.