Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Essence

Take a bunch of Roses.

Crush the petals with some water and separate the essence from them…

Now keep the essence and crushed Roses in two separate containers

Wait for a week….

You will still find the fragrance in those Rose petals.

Does it sound like a beauty treatment or a Rose delicacy?

No! read on to know…

But that seperate essence will be evaporated by then or probably changed into stinking rubbish.

Moral of the story:
You can never defy the nature you have got… no matter how much you try to keep it at bay…you will still retain that essence somewhere with in even if you pretend hard to the world.

So don’t pretend, be yourself.

Strange thoughts creeping my devilish empty mind today!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Discovering the Child

Have you ever experienced mood swing? You must have. But generally people discuss their mood swings from good to bad.

I am bit different. Sharing a little glance that changed my mood from not very good to very good n cheerful.

I was not in the best of mood when I got up today. Who in the world would want to get up at 7 in the morning???

Slopping and sleeping throughout the way to office, I just wondered who would be the first victim of my mood today?

And my mood just swung from drowning in a well to the seventh heaven where no bird has ever reached.

Guess what?

I saw a cute little chubby baby…being pulled out of his car by his father outside a prep school.

His lips were as red as a strawberry lolly, his eyes as innocent as it could get with little tear drops stopping at the corners and his cheeks just touched his shoulder’s upper bone.

I was like I have seen life’s most beautiful thing with all the colors and purity, humility and the expression on his face was worth a billion!!!

Wonder why people worship things like trees and take bath in so called holy rivers to get purety, when the nature has given us a pure heart and a clear mind that gets contaminated as we grow up.

Whish all of us would have retained some purity and innoscence that nature gifted us , the world would have been a more beautiful place to live in. There is a little innocent child in all of us that wouldnt stop enjoying life once you let it free.

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Milestones of Life...

Life at different stages shows different colors. You encounter different people with every new phase or shall I say meeting new people begins a new phase in life. As I come across different people that are capable enough to be a milestone for a new turn in my life, I find them shaping that turn and moving away from me.

I have had my share of interactions with a lot of people in life that are just not with me but have influenced my life in a great way. But when I am like in the comfort zone with them and the level of comfort is at the peak….they move away.

I don’t know whether it happens with everyone or this is by chance, I have noticed that who ever I get close to or start depending upon doesn’t stay too long with me. May be life is teaching me not to take anyone for granted forever.

Right from my childhood friends to my college and colleagues till now, I have not had enough of the people I really wanted, that’s why most of them still hold a special place in my heart and the vacuum their absence creates, is still very much there.

As they say, Distance Makes Hearts Grow Fonder!! – For all of u who miss the presence of those milestones in life.