Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Essence

Take a bunch of Roses.

Crush the petals with some water and separate the essence from them…

Now keep the essence and crushed Roses in two separate containers

Wait for a week….

You will still find the fragrance in those Rose petals.

Does it sound like a beauty treatment or a Rose delicacy?

No! read on to know…

But that seperate essence will be evaporated by then or probably changed into stinking rubbish.

Moral of the story:
You can never defy the nature you have got… no matter how much you try to keep it at bay…you will still retain that essence somewhere with in even if you pretend hard to the world.

So don’t pretend, be yourself.

Strange thoughts creeping my devilish empty mind today!


Divniti said...

main to pehli hi keh rahi thi kudi bawli ho gayi hai :)

TB Writes said...

Nice thoughts Tammy,
This funda is applicable in case of people and relationships - I think.
Also, you are starting to show philosophical intent!

Anonymous said...

good one

TAMANNA said...

thanx...just had nothing to the thaught just entered my mind and penned it...never knew the result would be so philisophical!!!

AD said...

Jo bhi ho aacha tha!!!