Thursday, July 24, 2008

Discovering the Child

Have you ever experienced mood swing? You must have. But generally people discuss their mood swings from good to bad.

I am bit different. Sharing a little glance that changed my mood from not very good to very good n cheerful.

I was not in the best of mood when I got up today. Who in the world would want to get up at 7 in the morning???

Slopping and sleeping throughout the way to office, I just wondered who would be the first victim of my mood today?

And my mood just swung from drowning in a well to the seventh heaven where no bird has ever reached.

Guess what?

I saw a cute little chubby baby…being pulled out of his car by his father outside a prep school.

His lips were as red as a strawberry lolly, his eyes as innocent as it could get with little tear drops stopping at the corners and his cheeks just touched his shoulder’s upper bone.

I was like I have seen life’s most beautiful thing with all the colors and purity, humility and the expression on his face was worth a billion!!!

Wonder why people worship things like trees and take bath in so called holy rivers to get purety, when the nature has given us a pure heart and a clear mind that gets contaminated as we grow up.

Whish all of us would have retained some purity and innoscence that nature gifted us , the world would have been a more beautiful place to live in. There is a little innocent child in all of us that wouldnt stop enjoying life once you let it free.

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