Friday, July 18, 2008

The Milestones of Life...

Life at different stages shows different colors. You encounter different people with every new phase or shall I say meeting new people begins a new phase in life. As I come across different people that are capable enough to be a milestone for a new turn in my life, I find them shaping that turn and moving away from me.

I have had my share of interactions with a lot of people in life that are just not with me but have influenced my life in a great way. But when I am like in the comfort zone with them and the level of comfort is at the peak….they move away.

I don’t know whether it happens with everyone or this is by chance, I have noticed that who ever I get close to or start depending upon doesn’t stay too long with me. May be life is teaching me not to take anyone for granted forever.

Right from my childhood friends to my college and colleagues till now, I have not had enough of the people I really wanted, that’s why most of them still hold a special place in my heart and the vacuum their absence creates, is still very much there.

As they say, Distance Makes Hearts Grow Fonder!! – For all of u who miss the presence of those milestones in life.


Gulmohar said...

This belongs to both of us...!!!Yes distance is developing a more closer bond, imagine when we were near we never used to think about the smaller things related to each other and once we are away we keep on reminding ourselves for all the likes and dislikes of a person. We stay near but never used to MISS since we knew that person is here with us, and when the distance comes between its like MISSING that person in Odd way / crucial situation / happy moment / sad times / during lunch / for a coffee......ALMOST EACH AND EVERY MOMENT...!!!!!

This feeling is Crux for all the relationships prevailing in this world.

Needless to say...I MISS YOU LIKE CRAZY

TB Writes said...

I think you have very beautifully captured the phase that many of us pass through… If such things were to remain static, then perhaps we wouldn’t have realized their deeper meanings and inherent value… Nice thoughts :)

Anonymous said...

Just another side of the coin..
If they are the milestones in your life then why do you keep forgetting that You are also the milestone in their lives....
The Loss is mutual...
And yet again you find another person with whom you share similar kind of comfort zone....Life is nver static.The more we want to hold a thing, the more it moves further away..
The entire idea is to hold and cherish the memories you make with
a person and each memory becomes a lil treaure in your book of life...To Be Cherished FOREVER!!!

Blogger said...

You need to find out why wud this happened again and again.

I think there is lots of selfishness in this world. But your positive attitude cud cut those belief.

As many people believe in their Zodiac sign and desperate to view their daily prediction, because they cud relate themselves with those content and get into it, whereas it is not true it’s happens by chance.

I wud better say that many people having same kind of situation because they over feel those period of time. Life is all about CHANGE.

Anonymous said...

good one