Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Special

When Saint Valentine sacrificed himself for the Jailor's daughter, little did he know would make him so famous to celebrate a day in his Name.

Well, I have been hearing things that Every Day is a Valentine day or What's the harm in celebrating love one day of the year.

A lot of contradicting statements. I know I tell him that I Love Him everyday. But I would like to take this day as an opportunity to tell him why is he so important to me, how much my life has changed since you came,

I have a stable shoulder to fall back upon and rest my worries away. I have a companion that no one else can be compared to, I have the love that is unlike any other love, I did not realize till you came, but since you have filled that Void, I realize how empty was I with in without you. No flowers and gifts, just the reassurance that you are there does this for me. Happy Valentines My Love.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

When 'She' was Walking on the Street in Delhi

When 'She' was walking on the street, dreaming about the new life that was going to come to her lap out of her womb, monsters took her away and did the most henious and ruthless thing ever. is proven that when a woman is walking free on the streets of India especially the proud rape Capital - Delhi, the predators take it as an invitation. No matter 'She' is a kid, Woman, normal or handicapped or even Nine Months Pregnant.

Shame, Shame *1000000 times on the three boys aged, 19, 20 and 21 who gang raped a 9 Months pregnant woman with a Polio disabled leg. I am again at loss of words, really struggling to find words and trying to understand the savaged psychology of those men who had the courage to rip apart the modesty of a mother-to-be!

They will perish in hell and will always be betrayed by women in their lives and will always regret their crime when they will suffer from a life threatening and ugly disease. They can get Sex whenever they want because they have an organ to dominate a woman and make her vulnurable. They may be proud of their filthy worthless Manhood.

But let me make it clear to all the Men who are very proud to bring a woman beneath them, you will never get love and respect from your woman. She will betray you because you will never give or ask her more than just Sex.

I dont believe in Hell, but if there is a Hell anywhere, it would be much better than Delhi because in Hell, people are punished for their crimes and sins but in Delhi innocent women are raped and scarred for life by cheap & impotent men to have fun at the cost of someones psyche. I hate Delhi for this. C'mon Men show some real Manhood by protecting and providing some lady, have'nt heard it in years someone doing that in India.

I may be going crazy, but this is all I can do.