Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Special

When Saint Valentine sacrificed himself for the Jailor's daughter, little did he know would make him so famous to celebrate a day in his Name.

Well, I have been hearing things that Every Day is a Valentine day or What's the harm in celebrating love one day of the year.

A lot of contradicting statements. I know I tell him that I Love Him everyday. But I would like to take this day as an opportunity to tell him why is he so important to me, how much my life has changed since you came,

I have a stable shoulder to fall back upon and rest my worries away. I have a companion that no one else can be compared to, I have the love that is unlike any other love, I did not realize till you came, but since you have filled that Void, I realize how empty was I with in without you. No flowers and gifts, just the reassurance that you are there does this for me. Happy Valentines My Love.