Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Look at that Fatso! ...You are getting Fatter!...You look like a baloon!

Well Well...

It is well understood what I am going to talk here about. Yes it is the issue of obesity or being fat. Many of you would have gone through these comments if you are a bit plump and look chubby. There is nothing bad in being comfortable with-in our skin, but comments like that make you feel like hell.

I am going through the same stage. I have gained a significant ammount of weight after my marriage but have always had tendency to be on a heavier side. I am at my fattest right now.

I am really concerned about my health and we so called 'Fat' people are not fat by choice. Many of us do not binge on chips and coke all day. I not even see these things, still I am fat. Can someone ask the 'slim' people what extra do they do stay the way they are. I appreciate the ones with a heridity and genes to get fat and are maintaining them. But usually, the people who dont get fat, see it easier to hit someone with a bit of fat on their butts.

Recently I posted some pictures on facebook and the first comment I get from a relative is "Your husband is looking weak" with you. What a bad sense of humor and poor attempt at sarcasm to tell me that I look fat with their slim brother.

It may have been said unconciously, but for me, he hit the most painful nerve in my body. This is something very personal and very sensitive to me. I am not fat by choice, I avoid all those things that you just eat out of fun. For me, there is no fun out of eating, I have to think about every bite that I put in my mouth.

I have a healthier life style than most of you who poke fingers in my fat belly. Be human to people who are not slim by nature. Do not treat them as a subject to your fun at the cost of their ego and self respect.

Think about a medical condition, heridity or acute stress he/she could be going through. Just because God blessed you with a superfast metabolism, does not mean that you can go out and make fun of the ones who dont have it.

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