Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mum Dad Coming to Sydney

How do I feel?

Feel like. ..I dont know...something never felt before because I have never stayed without meeting them for so long. Two years ago they came to the Indira Gandhi International Airport to see me off to Sydney.

And now I am going to recieve them here! It feels really different, happy, anxious, nervous, amused...

Ofcourse happy to see them and be with them, but anxiously waiting for them to reach here and nervous because I am a married woman now..with my husband with me always.

I have never been like this in front of them...have I matured enough? There were years when I was their baby, little girl who could not move without them, now they are coming to live in my home. Thats so strange...It is hard to explain that feeling.

Will my mother and father be happy the way we connect as a couple? Will they be able to connect to my husband? He is a fantastic ice breaker, but still some where I am a little worried...may be that's natural. I hope there are no embarrasing moments...

I have to give equal attention to all. The onus is upon me to make everyone feel comfortable because I am the only connecting point between four of us.

I am looking forward to make these few days the best ones for my parents and for me also, because no one will ever get to relive those moments and I dont want to leave any stone unturned.

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