Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Symphony Called Mother and Father

A sweet symphony can be heard in my house with the presence of my mother and my father who are united with me after 2 years.

The feeling is almost escatic, over the cloud and really so unrealistic. Because I could never imagine that they would live with me in person in my home since I had no plans of going back the day I entered Australia.

It is true that God cannot be everywhere so he sent one mother and one father for all. They keep parenting us no matter how old we grow. They are like cool shelters when you come from a hard and crappy day at office.

I am enjoying seeing them, there presence in front of my eyes is exhilrating and hearting fulfilling. I wish they could stay with me forever but nature has its own way. We can just hope and think of some things but practically they cannot be possible always.

I am really thankful that they came to bless me and my husband in our home. I am taking care of everything but still I am really sorry mummy and papa if at any point you or papa feel hurt. Because I know that you will never show it on your face.

Your love and care for this short period of time will keep me going for a long time. You have just added fuel to my life's vehicle. Lots of Luv.