Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I am a Happy Girl Today


1. My Mom and Dad are Living with me right now.

2. Because the Bad dream where I saw myself being forcefully married Shatrugan Sinah was a Dream. ThankGod For that! Little More on it..

I am waiting for my husband and then I recieve a message from him that he is waiting for me till 9.00 am. If i can make it than I am with him or otherwise he will move. I am trying to call him..but my fingers did not work on that key pad. And everyone thinks that I should be married again. And I am married to none other than Shatrugan Sinah from my grand maa's house where she took her last breath.

Next cut when I am sitting with my mom and discussing that was dream. (This is a dream still continuing..) I am saying'" dream hi tha naa" and got no answer from mum...i am asking her repeatedly but she doesnot reply. I was so scared that I was almost skipping my hearbeats while dreaming..And thank God for the Alarm bell. It told me that it really was a dream! :)  I am laughing out loud while imagining it..but it was really scary and I still can feel my emotions and jitters!!!

3. My Clothes are fitting me better...the tighest skirt is fitting me perfectly ..infact loose.
4. Had a great coffe and buttered toast to treat myself.

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