Saturday, May 24, 2008

Good Escape

It was again a Metro Letcher who some how escaped this time.

Not that he ran away...something stopped me from lashing out at him but still i couldnt stop myself and passed a counter comment after which he dug he eyes in his stomach...

But that was not me..I would have done much more..but just some times you dont have energy to give back to non-sense.

And May b I was busy watching a budding love story just beside me.. between two college students...did'nt really hear them...but the girl was blushing with red cheeks and the guy keept peeping into her eyes with a naughty spark in his eyes. That was really cute and they were unaware that their faces are telling it all no matter how much they resisted.

1 comment:

TB Writes said...

I already told you that you should see this movie called "Platform". You would certainly learn the required skills to fight such rakish creatures. However, you are the one, who doesn't like to think beyond "Jab We Met"!