Thursday, December 25, 2008

An Encounter

I was crossing the road to my office when met this old n real fat man over the tea stall near by...

I just went over n asked hm if he needed any help...

here goes the conversation:

Me: hey..uncle...u look new u need any help

Old Man: u help me cross the road once ii fnish the tea...

Me: sure

The old man finished the tea and started movng when the tea wall came shouting

O uncle ji..mera paisa dedo

Old Man: Arree ..paisa...wo to nahi hai...tum kuch aur lelo

Tea Wala: kya le lu..paisa jaisa kuch hota hai kya...paise ki jagah to ko nahi le sakta...

Old Man: tum jo maanoge main doonga

Tea Wala: achha...kya de sakte ho tum...khud to bhikharii lagte ho

Old Man: main santa claus hoo...bas gareeb ho gaya hoo

Everyone shocked!

Santa: Ye recession ki waja se mujhe sledge bechna pada..mera dress b gaya...ab to bas aise h ghoomne aaya hoo..shayad koi aur naukri mil jaaye...kisi ko contact b nahi kar recharge karane ke paise nahi hain...

Me: Oh Santa! but u are the God..u have verything

Santa: when my chldren are gong through such a rough phase how can i afford the luxury

I can just give u strength, wisdom and truthful ness to survive with love. Money is important but not more then a peaceful mind. I give u the sanity to live with courage and keep smiling in the worst circumstances. A smile costs nothiing.


Anonymous said...

Nice, Very Nice.

puja said...

very touchy indeed!