Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sale Sale Sale!!! Save me...


Well..most of us have the cravings for nice hug..a caressing kiss..

But what is the carving that only girls have or probably have 99.9% more than their male counter parts. Shopping..

Yes..its shopping that we women can hardly resist, and it becomes one of the most difficult things to hold back when you see a Sale banner around.

But today I managed to dump my carvings and move ahead without giving in to the money eating monster called sale.

I was just browsing the same shop that I visit near my office during the lunch time and just found a starkling top in a few bucks that was really a good price to buy such a great piece of clothing. I picked it up and marched towards another rack to find another equally irresistable t-shirt, picked that up too.

And kept roaming in thr store for atleast half an hour while getting more and more things to choose from. It was like you want to eat everything but your stomach is already full.

And then I stood in the billing que..and it gane me time to introspect that do I really need this right now? Just because it has a tag that says Before $$ and after $$ and you save $$ I have to buy this. Or is it forced spending in the name of savings. Can buying something you dont really need and just for pleasure save you or make you spend more?

I just sneaked out of the que and hanged the two tops back to their racks and moved back without spending a penny. A big win for me atleast today. Can't say would be able to do this the next time but for today I actually saved a forced and unncesssary purchase.

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