Monday, March 25, 2013

Bhago Gulabo AAyi

She is flambouyant, natural entertainer and a great gossiper. Gulabo personifies complete entertainment.

Golabo can turn around a lame, gloomy scene to an extravaganza of fun and masti. What ever you do, she is the best at it.

Is this Rakhi Sawant, Sunny Leone or Poonam Pandey, no its my imaginative self who has come out to the world and ready to communicate. She thinks differently and has different answers to everything. Completely different to me.

For example:

If you ask me a question like Hi, how are you? Had a nice weekend?
I woild say, Hi, I am good, How are you. Yes I had a nice break, how about you.

But Here's Gulabo's answer to the same question:
How does it matter if I had a nice weekend or not. I am here to work and that's what matters, who the hell cares that I had to cook for 15 unwanted people and run after their monster like kids spoiling my new house.

So feel free to ask Gulabo any questions that you have for her.

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