Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I am really angry at something..but what I dont know

For a change I am writing an article today. Although it is easier for me to write and poem and express it all but just for a change I thought of writing as a normal conversation with my loyal readers. Making your life easy this time and you will not have to think so much.

So I am really angry at something, but I don't know what. I get so angry and frustrated when I see intelligent people spending a huge amount of time on useless posts sharing and commenting. It is none of my business what some one does on social media, but I use social media to judge a person's personality.

You can tell by the kind of comments, photographs, information people share, shows their character. And I am getting to be really surprised to know, what some people may sound like, they are totally not like that. It is their disguised identities, that they show us in the real world. If you want to see the true face of a person, search social accounts and see their activities, what they share, what they appreciate, what they don't appreciate and what kind of jokes they like and tell you.

I say so because personally every one has to put on a mask to show or hide their expressions and emotions regarding something but here, no one see you, no one can hear you. You are what you do by the click of this mouse or the keyboard keys!

So next time you wish to analyze someone, I highly recommend going into their virtual social network! Just had this thought that came up in my mind, how can I stay away from my one liners, so here you go:

Everyone is a performer in real life, go back stage to see how they live like sans make-up.

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Rimz said...

yup true..i realized i do social networking when i don't have anything better to do..