Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Oh arrogant Man?

Know you not the difference betwixt Man and Beast

Oh arrogant Man?

It is Compassion, it is Truth and it is lack of fear.

Nature shakes the world

Awaken now from your divisions

For your Time is drawing near


TAMANNA said...
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TAMANNA said...

I know only half a percent of people can understand is especially for the very contented arrogant paople who love to be called so. Still can't understand..? my next post will follow soon.

rimz said...

after a long u hav written something...!!
There are variety of ppl in this world..

Puja said...

oh yaar tu te dara hi dita mainu ki e aadivaasi kitho aa gaya :)

TAMANNA said...

yes Rimz there are all sorts of people in this world but this breed in particular is a subject of PHD in psychology:)