Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Stich your Mouth, Close your Eyes and Stuff Your Ears with Headphones

That is exactly Delhi personified. Shamelessly ignorant and untouched by crimes happening just one foot far far from the people. I really feel ashamed to be resident of such a city that has no affinity towards the safety of women.

The recent incident of molestatating & throwing a girl out of the running bus simply strengthens my belief, exceptions apart, that some rather major part of men polulation are only men when some one hurts their ego. I have hardly seen any MAN interfering in such matters in my lifetime.

What the hell? Will all of us behave in a similar manner had the girl been our sister, friend, wife or mother.
I am not saying that all the women react and rebel in such situations, but in a society and basic family set up where we tie RAKHIS on Raksha Bandhan and keep karwachauth for men because they are taught to be our protectors and more powerful then us. Does this manhood only reflects while molesting , raping, and voilence on the roads?

We make the society, both men and women, saftey of one is dignity of another.

Thats why We, women are called 'Fair Sex' because we have the acumen to take fair decisions at the right time with sensitivity and understanging of the situation.


Gulmohar said...

Tamanna...that was the real MIRROR SHOWING to all MEN EGOS, which can only burst in proud of themselves...WE, FAIRER SEXES are lot more ethical and sensitive in all spheres of life, WE ARE NEVER BIASED FOR MEN OR WOMEN...

(Keep going..Quitters never win and Winners never quit)

TAMANNA said...

hi, Gulmohar, thanx dear...dont worry i will keep on showing this mirror no matter if after sometime people are afraid to face it!!!

Ayesha said...

The whole thing sounds too scary to be true.....I m frightened, I mean literally frightened just to venture out in the street. Imagine it could be me, it could be you it could be just someone we know. I can't even say that this is sad, because it is not, it is high time we stand up and something for us, instead of spending our resources and energy on issues which are seriously non-issues. I don't know how I will react to a situation, let me tell you its very easy to make tall claims but at the end of the day it all boils down to how we react to situations.But the biggest irony for me here is anytime you come across an issue like this, you find it difficult to believe that you are living in a civil society among the so called educated people. Gulhomor has rightly said its about injustice and not about sexes!!!