Monday, November 19, 2007

Bhool Bhulaiya - Fighting the Fear

This might sound like a movie review, but had to talk about it. Well made movie with a valuable message. The film revolves around the ancient culture of blind faith. An Old Haveli with a Ghost dancing with her anklets all around...! The direction is good with apperciable work from all the actors.

The movie just remided me of a childhood incident. It goes like..I was around 10 years old and was sleeping at my friend's home because her mother was out of Delhi. Her house's balcony was adjacent to a big "peepal' tree. As per common belief in India, the 'Peepal' tree is known to transform into a Ghost House at night.

As it was not my home, I was not feeling comfortable in Golu's room. I opened my eyes to see a white and glowing moving object that came straight out of the peepal tree and moved in a horizontal direction.

I closed my eyes tightly and lied motionless for atleast two hours and just ran to my house, that was just 2 feet away fro Golu's house. After that incident, I was so scared to wakeup at night that i wouldnot open my eyes even if my sleep was disturbed.

One day, I really needed to drink some water as I had a real bad cough. I kept on coughing for atleast half an hour...and ultimately I decided to take water in the kitchen. I went like a soldier on a warfront, opened the fridge, picked up the water bottle and just ran away from the place. And I felt like conquering the biggest enemy.

Yes, it was actually, I conquered my biggest enemy - Fear. And now I can easily move around in haunted places without the fear of getting nabbed by a ghost. I fear the men and not the ghosts.


Gulmohar said...

Can't you see the live...moving ghosts around us...not at night...but in day as well....they speak to us...walk with us...but are UNHUMANE

Tarun Babbar said...

Nice thought – You have rightly captured the theme of fear and the ways to win such fear.

Anonymous said...

The real conquor would had happened if she had not closed her eyes on that day....she should have faced that thing.....I could not get how she relaised , that white ghost won't come in future.....A doubt will always remain in her mind.....
but in the end it is a nice story like indian movies with +ve ending...

TAMANNA said...

Hi..All, thankyou for your comments, they really encourage me to write further...the girl was me and I saw the white thing actually...later i realized that it was all in my mind as during those days Ramsay brothers were very famous, my friend Golu used to tell me the stories of 'Band Darwaza and Veerana and al of us considered it as truth.

It was those stories that gave birth to that white thing in my brain. The ghost existed in my brain and the day i overpowered the fear/ the ghost in my brain, I won the battle between fear and courage.

Remember Mountain Dew - "Dar ke Aage Jeet Hai". This is exactly what happened.