Tuesday, November 20, 2007

To be or Not to be ...Continued

Yes my palm is perfect now. And Let us resume the half way left talks now..to begin with the "To be or not to be Dilema".

There was a situation where I needed to give my opinion on some matter. I was in a dilema to hold all my horses or let them off. Initially I decided to go by the word of mouth where some people suggested me to keep my waging tongue tamed. So, I rehearsed my dialogues and prepared for the drama, where I had to hide my real opinoin and go by the most common practice in the country - Hypocracy.

Now it was my turn to put my views on the dias. And as soon as I got an opportunity, I vommited all that without a glitch. All the rehearsal was in vain. I spoke what I felt. And I dont know weather that affected the result or not.

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