Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Metro Plus...

Contuined from the previous post where I encountered this dirty ape like creature gazing at me. I was standing in fact dangling from the upside handles in the metro and this man was sitting just in front of me. He started gazing at me in such a way that I thaught there was some problem with the way I was dressed. I just conciously turned aside to ensure there was no wardrobe disfunction....And it was could it be?

Then I turned back to find the man gazing in the same manner. I made it a point not to ignore him and stasted to notice him. He wold look into my eyes, tuen his face away and smile mysteriously. As if telline me "I will do what I want, what can you do about me?". I continuously noticed him and suggested him to keep his eyes off me by giving him a stern look. But that man was a drunkard or what...i dont know...he had the guts to make an eye contact and smile at me....

Once I thaought to just ignore the stupid person and not to create a scene as my station was quiet close.

Awwwwwwwwww!!! so disgusting...I was close to my station and reached the gate from where I just peeped over my shoulder and again there he was again looking at me in the cheapest possible manner. That was enough...I lost the patience and hence began the drama:

Me: Kya baat hai bhai...badi nazaren ghoomti hain tumhari (whats the matter, your eyes move a lot?)

Man: What me? No thats your illusion..theres nothing like that...Maine kya keh diya

Me: Achha kya kar diya..I have been ignoring you for such a long time...and you have the guts to lookinto my eyes and smile.

Man: dimag kharab hai kya

Me: My anger reached the tempest, "dimag kharab kiska hai pata chal jayga...chalo is station par utro CRPF iska faisla karegi"

Man: Arre kya baat hai...main kuch nahi kiya

Me: Chal abhi utar station par

Man: woooooooo.....hesitantly....mujhe neend aa rahi thi..isliye eyes thori aise ho rahi hai"

Me: if you have made a mistake admit it dont lie

Man: Ok madam, I am sorry.

And i got off the train, thankgod i didnt miss my station amid all this.

Some people really dont deserve to be ignored. Appreciative Glances are welcome but a woman can very well distinguish between a friendly glance and a cheap & lewd one easily. No one likes to create a scene and invite unwanted comments but untill you stay silent you have to bear this and silence means you permit the offence & liberties to be taken by others.


Anonymous said...

hi , you did the right thing....if you did stop that man...then it would hv given him the confidence to repeat the same incident with others....or he may hv crossed his gave him a good answer...
If you ignored the incident then if would give you a tease for a long time....
Now u hv got the confidence to habdle these kind of at last
"winners don't do different things...they do the same things differently......"

TAMANNA said...

Hi, Its always a pleasure to get comments from you...this one is a great one as always.

Anonymous said...

it is wright but that time this is technique for make the friendship and
persion always try for make friendship ,
But opposite what responce will give that time persion decide
First :if not accepted than say sorry and say something else
second : if accept then next functionality they do ??????????

So you are wright and you also give responce that should be give

TAMANNA said...

hi...its such a pleasure to recieve comments from you Guys...but i cannot understand the last one...may be my level is not so high would be appreciable if the last comment is explained again. Thanx

UN said...

This was really disgusting and irritating incident for me..and again related to Humanity and the etiquettes, what a person(human not animals) should have. There are so many incidents I faced like traffic sense or civic sense(how to behave in public) even in NCR region. I found even very highly educated and intellectuals behave like that. This is the good idea to teach or punish them at the same time.

ankur said...

whatever u hav done is the best possible one can do at that time,daring reaction as an answer to a Coward action.I appreciate it but As a boy how i hve to react if some grl gazes at me?

and its an old Miss Mummy's saying-
"Silence is vocal than word"