Sunday, January 20, 2008

Dial 100 for Help

I am quiet used to such incidents and ofcourse my readers would have been used to it as well. Guess what would have happened? Right..a lesson again on thr road for a misbehaving man - a Rikshaw Wala. I wont go in details as it is almost monotonous to talk about the same things again and again. Just a quick snapshot...

Got a Rikshaw to the metro sation and gave a Rs. 10 note to the rikshaw wala...but he returned it saying "15 rupees dena parega..."

I insisted him to be in his limits while speaking and mind his tone. But you know some people just dont understand..i took the note and walked away...he yellled "aye...ladki mere paise lekar bhag gai..." i came back to warn him that if he coudlnt control his tongue i will dial 100. he said.."haan to karona...hum koi darte hain ka".....

Most of us use this as a threat...he wouldn't have imagined...that i would dial it actually...yes i dialed it and the crowd around began convincing me to leave the "poor man". The policemen asked me the exact place to send the van...but i settled the issue by asking for an apology by the rikshaw wala and let him go.

So just dont say...actually dial really works.

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