Sunday, January 20, 2008

Yet Again After 20 Years

I am a fan of Amir Khan yet again after 20 years when i saw his first movie as an actor i.e "quyamat se quyamat tak". I was really smitten my the boy next door looks and dimpled smile....that was an enough reason at that age to fall for him ....And now after 20 years, I just came across the acumen and brain behind those looks when i saw his directorial d├ębut - Taare Zameen Par.

A perfectly sculptured movie, dealing with very sensitive issue. The praise is all for the director who conveyed a message so beautifully and in a manner that every one can understand it. Its not one of those movies that goes as a bouncer above the common people and the director shows how abstract he is.

There is nothing abstract in this movie...every thing is simple and from the heart. I have watched it two times and can actually relate to the situation when I used to be a tutor in my second year of college for a 6 year old boy studying in KG class. He had the same problem... his name is Lokesh but we call him Mannu fondly.

really I could make it out…writing opposite alphabets, confusion in letters, writing different spellings for a single word....he couldn’t even write his name....used to write all upside down.... I used to be patient with him…but sometimes it was really frustrating and i am ashamed to say that I even used to slap him.

Poor boy....must have been going through hell....I taught him for 2 odd months and them surrendered.... it was really impossible to keep your calm while teaching him....and i doubt he could survive in that class....... I hope he is doing well now and his problem has been identified.

And wish that many other people like me would have come to know about this problem and have learned the way to deal with it.

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TB Writes said...

Good Buddy... In fact one must use the power of state in his or her favor, whenever the situation genuinely requires so! It's the time to be fearless, except in office :)