Monday, February 25, 2008

Back to School With Sumi

I just encountered a girl who looked like my school mate Sumita, lovingly called . I was really amazed to see the girl with similar hairstyle, walking, strange?

I once thaught of calling her...but then imagined...would Sumi have remained since 10 years....then i stopped...but the girl made me embark to the beautiful school days and especially our Trio who used to live in a world of their own. When others were edging towards adolosecnce, we three were the naughtiest childern of the class..but the class never knew what mischiefs we have done...!!!

An innocent face in front of mischevious minds ignorant of the budding love stories around....that we discovered later when we were actually told about them by the friends.....

Missing School. Esp Shilpi and Sumi.

Once Sumi was absent and me and Shilpi were having a tough time without her. It was raining heavly and all the students were out in the badminton court in recess. We just stood on the window pane and started joking about every person that passed by.

There was a senior sardarji who just walked by the window and both of us sang in corus...Sunday ho ya u can understand...and the guy looked at us furiously...

We were scared to death....after that every minute we would think that he would come and complain about us to give us a good thrash...we wrote a confession letter where we admitted our mistake and exchanged with each other. I wish that letter could be with me " it was like "Aaj humne ek senior sardarji ko sardarji bol diya...pata nahi iska anjaam kya hoga...mera to jo bhi ho lekin Shilpi ko maar na pare .."

and the moment we read it...we burst out laughing and forgot the fear. Because we had confessed our offence ...What a in CRIME!!!

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