Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Delhi Rape Case Verdict..Will this change everything?

The verdict is about to come out for Delhi Gang Rape case that happened last year in December. It shook the world to what extent a man can literally turn into a ruthless savage.

So much has already been said on this issue, I am no different to demand a death penalty for those 4 rapists left to be convicted. But will their death really solve this issue?

Are we safe if we hang them?
Are we safe if we in our homes?
Are we safe of the streets?
Are we safe in schools?
Are we safe in hospitals?
Are we safe in offices?
Are we safe while travelling?
Are we safe in marriages?

I can write endless Are we safe in__________?

It is a request to the youth who are going to bring up their children or are bringing up their children.

Teach your boys the respect and courtesy towards women.
Teach them to pull a chair for a woman before they sit.
Teach them to respect their mothers and sisters are home.
Teach them not only to earn but also to learn from a woman.
Teach them patience and love.
Teach them that the true meaning of being a man is no less than being a woman. 
Give them cars, play stations, guns...But also
Give them barbies and teddy bears to play with, so that they become sensitive towards a delicate things of nature.

Being a man is being privileged.
  • Because nature gave you more muscle than fat
  • Because nature gave you  a faster metabolism
  • Because you don't menstruate
  • You don't PMS
  • You don't get pregnant
  • You don't deliver 
  • You don't have the hormonal turmoil inside you every 10 days. (i.e. A woman's hormones change every 10 days, people fail to understand this simple chemistry)
  • You don't have to wax
  • You are not under the pressure to look slim and sexy all the time.


And then you complaint about how moody your wife, your mother, your sister or your lady boss is??

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Sukriti said...

loved it and couldn't agree more.. go girl power!!