Sunday, September 8, 2013

Oh..Wow..Riots Time!! Lets Go!

Its riots time in UP...
Time for all the toads in hibernation to come out...
Grab some food in form of blood...
Time for all the desperate, frustrated, impotent freaks to let their anger out...

Smash the bus...Burn that auto
Hurl stones at police, rape that woman roaming free...
Its a banana republic..go crazy..thats one motto..
No one has that remote control to make it pest free..

News TV, News Papers..more spice
26 Dead so far..Tear Jerkers stories to bring up TRP...
Democracy in hands of rapists, scamsters, fraud God Men, temple destroyers,
Oh Wow...Riots Time!! Lets Go..

Narendra Modi has hence prooved
Trigger a Riot
Then Clean up and do cosmetic make up of the City
Ready to become next Prime Minister
So many aspirants in the Queue..
Pick someone from this Riot too..

Why miss the opportunity!!!
Long Live Democracy!!

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