Sunday, June 24, 2007

The first Virus attact on me

I am not talking about any pencilin virus or a viral fever attack. Its much more dangerous and consuming than one can ever imagine. It's the online viral campaign attack and I am not any ones target nor did I get addicted to any online viral thing. I got into the making of it. enhance your understandings, all those funny clips you saw about makkad man or Sholay or hillarious videos being forwarded by your friends are called virals. Because they get spread themsevles from one person to the other without any effort from the promoter.

I wont disclose the brand, but our team was supposed ti create a viral on a phone. And I was one of the team members who was given responsibility of inventing an idea for the viral. The viral really took on all of us. We were thinking like M..A..D on the ideas. And as it was my first of a kind assignment, it really creapt into me to give a great idea to my TL.

Everytime I gave an idea, there was something missing in it. But you know I had heard the story of the spider who tried a hundred times to climb and finally could make it. My mind kept doing some serious gymnastics, especially on the points suggested by the TL.

After rounds of meetings and discussions, now the things were doing better, finally I heard "good attempt" from his mouth. "aaahhhhh...what a great relief". That gave me enough strength to put my wildest of thaughts on paper and present him every they clicked on my mind. I must apprectaite my TL's patience to lend an ear to every idea I had narrated him. God knows how he bears with my ideas???

Although the ideas were not good enough to be sent to the client, I heard some unheard appreciation for my efforts and sleep less nights that I spent during this period of 12 days. And Volia.....!!! story got selected on a pre developed idea and was sent to the client.

Still waiting for an approval, but I am satisfied with my efforts as I know I have given more then 100% to this new challange.


Tarun Babbar said...

Hey.... I didn't know that you could be spreading viruses.... Well they are very much in!

Good Going and leme know once the virus you spread is named after you...the way they are named in medical fraternity :P

Will wait to c ur virus on the move!

Gulmohar said...

THIS VIRUS MUST ATTACK THE CLIENT....To create enough BUZZ around...Till the time keep un loading your the TL's BASKET...and hey TAM...Good work is always apreciated

TAMANNA said...

Hey Tarun...well get your self vaccinated, thats all I have to say...:-)

TAMANNA said...

thanx Gulmohar...will try my best