Monday, June 18, 2007

Soak Yourself in memories

memories...the only treasure after Education that no one take away from you. Just a couple of days back on the weekend, when I was watching Indian Idol, A participant sang the song, "phoolon ka taaron ka sabka kehna hai..."

What should I call myself, an emotional sister who remembered her brother who has settled peacefully in Australia about an year back. Just remembered all the cat fights and hooblaboo we used to create for our Mother.

He used to pull my cheeks and threatened to cut them with a knife. And I always used to angry with him. then he used to sing the song to convince me. Ofcourse with the intervention of my mother to end the third world war from being germinating in the house.

I still dont get overt emotional while talking about my brother to anyone and anybody. But I dont know ahy this song scratches all the emotions out of me. I am known to be a tough person in the family who doesnt show her emotions too often.

And when I think of my brother, I automatically remember my sister in law who braught a fresh air of life in our family. Today I miss my bhabhi and brother like any other sister on earth and wish them all the best for their life. The memories are always there to chrerish how far you go...they keep you in touch.


Tarun B said...

Hey.... I didn't know that you could be spreading viruses.... Well they are very much in!

Good Going and leme know once the virus you spread is named after you...the way they are named in medical fraternity :P

Will wait to c ur virus!

Puja said...

Very true...!
When we possess something we hardly are able to analyze it's true worth but get to know when it's far apart from us and that applies in every form of possession with us be it our someone close person or just an article...