Sunday, June 3, 2007

Come Closer... Why?

Why do we sit close to someone? Any guesses, just a thought that caught my fancy in the evening, when I was dangling from my balcony viewing activity in the locality garden. As all the seats were occupied, a mother and daughter had to sit on two different benches. As soon as the seat, next to the daughter vacated , the mother pounced upon the seat and sat closer to the daughter.

What I understand from this very common expression, that we donot want to be far away from our loved ones. Sitting closer or touching each other is not just a physical emotion, the emotion is seated deep inside our hearts and is well directed by the brain.

When we sit with a stranger, we try not to get too close to him. Well, As a woman, I believe all the other women feel same, can't say same about Men. That's because we are not familiar with the person and have no relation to each other. Every one has a comfort level of getting close to each other (not intruding the aspect of two lovers), but I feel that I am most comfortable with the ones whom I know for a longer period and have a good rapport with.

Depends on person to person.

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