Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Me - The Muse

I m feeling good today, Ask me - why- whats so good about today? Guess what, I feel like a muse toda, not for any poet or a painter, but for my office colleagues.

Since people have caught me on blogger, they have appreciated my writing and whats more they have been inspired to start blogging themselves. Now they wait for my new postings although are lazy and reluctant to post comments.

Humm..a couple of more things on my mind at the moment, today was childrens day in my blueline bus. Yes, there were a lot of children in the bus, really cute and surprisingly all of them were of the same age-group. Although they were not feeling so good, but their innocent faces made my morning really good.

Second thing..about the superwoman who screamed at the driver for driving rash..i also joined the band and cleared my throat, she began with" Arre ye kya ho raha hai...race kyu kar rahe ho accident ho jayga"...then i poked my nose and I also said , "ye to inka roz ka kaam hai aunty, inko koi fark nahi parta"

After a couple of blows by the lady with my support, the bus driver actually strarted driving in a very sane manner. Hats Off to the Lady, I also deserve some Kudos..what say?


Gulmohar said...

Tam..Tam.. HATS OFF TO YOU TOO...ur writings persuaded the worm inside me which was sleeping since 5 years.

TAMANNA said...

hi gulmohar, thanx yaar..hope that you carry on now ..all the best