Friday, May 25, 2007

Finally...I broke the silence

I thought that I am the most patient and forgiving person in the world. There have been times when I could have burst out, but I did not loose my temper. But I do not know what happened yesterday. I behaved really badly on someone trying to play a joke on me.

This is happened for the first time that I showed my anger at the work place in my small but quiet an eventful career of 2 years. But I probably know what made me do so? It was certain irrititation with a person who seems to be good at once and absolutely irritating at the same time.

I am not the ones to allow everyone to pass a comment on me, even it is a friendly gesture. I get along with very few people, the people who have a good sense of humor, who know their limits even if they are friends. How can one become a friend whom you hardly know for 2 months.

I have been filled wiht this anguish for quiet sometimes now. The way a person jokes, envisons something, talks publically and expresses himself make a difference to me. And I can hadrly tolerate show off and cheapness. But I remained calm.

Yesterday, It was too much. So I just gave a nasty look with a couple of words to answer that did not need any explanation. I know, my behaviour my have hurt the partucilar person and also some people who were present that time in the room. I cannot help it, thats me.


Neeraj said...

You Only tell me who was the guy and what he told you. Give me his photo and mobile no ;-)

TAMANNA said...

hi neeraj, not everyone is same ...i u cant get the same people every where..forgive him this time..dont leave him next time...:))