Thursday, May 3, 2007

Oh! the great indian civilization

The great Indian civilization. In 2007, it is still great with so much people and very well civilizing around in metros like Delhi. Thou art the king, the what ever you want. Park your car midst of the road, spit every two minutes as a rule, letch at women passing by(needs special post, will discuss later), smoke at public places, cross traffic signals in fact break every possible rule.

Donate gold and money to temples, let the poor man die, take a dip in a so called pure and holy water(laced with carcenogens and allergans) and get back to your job of forgery & maintain double standards.

I bow down to the great Indian civilization and hope it will contiue to be same for may many years to come.


vikul said...
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Anonymous said...

It is easy to write that........ppl are parking their cars everyhwere, spitting everywhere...........let me ask you a question donn u do the same?..everyone sumwhere is at fault so better not to blame and start taking action.....india is the best and will remain always....i hate cynics who nvr do nythin and just blame ......truth behind is that they are helpless...instead of givin advice start doin it urself, one person can make a lot of difference.....sahil

TAMANNA said...

so what r u doing there? come n clean this shit!