Monday, May 7, 2007

From Friday to Monday

Volia...its friday...but it has ended so soon..Why? Don't know, how long a weekned should be? The life on Friday is like a free kite soaring high up in the sky and monday morning blues suddenly cut the thread short and make the kite fall on the ground.

But this much of break is alwys a fun, you have time to enjoy and also the period to restore the lost energy and get back to work. I have been on holidays when i suffered with a severe back pain. For ten days, the hell broke loose on me. Every day was like a terrible, boring and time killing day. Nothing to do.

Although, I was not feeling well, but as I started recovering, I realized how bore it is to sit at home and do nothing. I seriously wished to get back to work as soon as possible.

How could I do that? Me..praying to go back to office, I could not believe it was me. But yes, It was the Tamanna. Tamanna to be active and get over lazy cat syndrome. So, the lesson is: we are never content with what we have got. Once the thing is lost, we realize how important it was?

And weekdays are as much fun as Weekend.

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