Friday, May 4, 2007

What to do??

I have nothing to do right now...What to do? Sometimes its really killing to sit idle, when you have no work to do. Believe me, I want to tell my manager to grant me an off for the day if there is no more work for me.

But that is not how the things go on. Some corporations are at a stage to implement a flexi-timings system but some are not established or matured to a level. A certain level where they are more focused on quality rather then quantity.

I have generally noticed that leaving the office at time is considered to be a status symbol. Those who leave office late are respected by the managers and others in the management. But those who have an insect called punctuality, do suffer on this front.

I know people who sit in the office more then they are required to. They do everything but work , because they have nothing to do. I cannot sit even a minute extra if i donot have work with me.

I try to finish things on time so that i can leave at the right time. But some people delay their work unnecessarily to show off their busyness. Some genuine souls are exception. But what more can I say???

Have said most of it. Leaving on time is a thing that I think twice before leaving. "Oh, its time, but can I be the first one to leave the office, what will my senior think of me". And then I answer, "Yes , I can because I am among the first ones to enter the office."

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