Monday, May 28, 2007

The Babu and The CEO

Just when I was coming back from some work, I head about my neighnbor - Mr. Soni, undergoing a knee replacement surgery. He was admitted in army hospital and was recovering well. When I went home, I talked about this to my Mom. I was wondering how could this old couple affoad the surgery. Mom told me that he is getting all the treatment for free as he is a retired givernment servant.

I always find, the first year Meenu talking to her friends on phone. I again asked Mom, does she have any boyfriend, she contunuously talks on phone. Mom replies, " can u forget that her dad is an MTNL employee".

And not to forget the corner flat uncle, who goes to office at 11.00 am and is home at 6.00. I wont ask Mom again because I know that he is a government officer.

And compared to all these people I find myself so much engrossed in work, no time for myself, still struggling to take up a mediclaim policy, thinking about the Monster called Tax. How lucky these people are to have all the privellages and liberties of being government employees. And on top of that no work to do and additional incomes from under the table. A mere Peon earns more then he is expected to. I was surprised to see that the boy who just passed his 12th, got a clerical job, a 4th grade job and still maintains a CAR.

I still can dream of owning a new car, having been passed graduation, done journalism, and working for more then 2 years.

Well, thats the difference between a Babu and a CEO that the babu never does the work he is supposed to do & still gets more then he deserves and an executive in a private firm is expceted to do much more then he is supposed to do and may be , get what he deserves...

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