Monday, May 21, 2007

When the Autowala Changed Route…

Its exactly 6.45 when I left he office yesterday. After negotiating for a 70 Rs. I got the auto. The autowala this time took me through a different route altogather. I was skeptical about the change of route because we are not ready to experiment too often.

The route remembered me of the old company and that this is the same time that my colleagues travel to their home in the cab.

Yes, the great Cressanda Cab. There is something about that Company that no boy is able to forget ever. The Cab, my third home after the Redisence Pitampura – The Home With Parents and Cressanda- The home with Colleagues.

I am surprised to accept the fact that somewhere it is even more memorable then my college days. And when I was lost in these thoughts, I suddenly heard a Voice “Tamannaaaaaa”, It was Debu, my friend from Cressanda in the Cab with Neeraj, All three of us used to gossip and chat a lot as we were the last ones to get down of the cab and the cab was vacated.

I waved them and got out the auto. I was so excited to talk to them that I gave an extra 10-rupee note to the autowala and didn’t realize it in a hurry. Those 5 minutes of ride took me back one year and I relived all the moments.

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