Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sunday - The Expenditure Day

This Sunday truly was an expenditure day. I ended up spending a handsome ammount of money, but not on useless things, and enjoyed it.

First off, I got up 6.30 in the morning and went for my driving practice with my dad. What a bad start to a Sunday...getting up so early :-( . I drove it alone ... ofcourse with some guidance...for 15 kms. Then went back home and slep like a Cat. Wokeup 12 and went to the parlor. Then came back and went to meet a friend. (Who? , Keep Guessing .....)

We had pizza and did time killing and shopping. It was around 3.30 when I came back, and pounced on the PC to chat. The chatting went on for 2 hrs.

After that, I was after my DAD's life to get a DVD player. So, he finally gave in and we brought home an LG DVD player. By the time it was already 7. So, i just hanged out in the balocny and had an entertaining and interesting gossip session with mom.

The dinner was ready ans do I was to eat it. Then I had dinner and watched the free CD (that we got with the DVD player) and slept at 10.30.

I think it was the most productive Sunday I have ever had. Shopping, Driving, Friends, Chatting...a whole lot of activities...seems like the past quota of boring Sundays got compensated this time.

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