Monday, July 9, 2007

A Wordless Communication

It was just another morning when I started from home and turned out to be extremely amazing one by the end of it as I reached office.

This Boy, around 4 - 5 years just sat with me in the Bus, along with his mother and little sister. Both of them eyed my earphones but did not say anything. The Boy was a true Moglie, he had springs all over his body, kept jumping up and down on the seat and eventually bumping into me every single minute.

I felt some discomfort in the begining but as soon as looked into his eyes, he gave me a naughty innocent one with sparkling eyes filled with mischief, and as a reflex action I smiled at him too. Whenever he would jump, I would look at him to scare him, but his cute mischievious smile made me smile too. This went on for half an hour.

Finally, I plugged an earphone in his ears and to my surprise, he sat quietly listening to the music and shying away in his mother's lap. It was such a great experience, his quietness talked to me in volumes and I replied right back...

Strage...! some people just cannot be ignored while smiling...rightly said by some one..."A smile is the shortest distance between two people..."

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