Sunday, July 29, 2007

Coffee for T and T for Coffee

He is a classic example of Gods creation. Sports a "Choti", and is ever alert like a Dog. His fantastic conversation is inborn, a God's Gift. I bet you cannot defeat this person in communication or conversation. Guess who he is - The HR Person....No, The MArketing Exec. No, the communications Manager.......Noooooooooooooo....

Ok I wont stretch it like Ekta Kapoor. He is our office Boy - Puran. He eats half of the words he speaks and talking to him on phone is a mission altogather. If you are feeling bad or bored, its best to talk to him, he can perk up your dead spirits. But if you are busy and already irritared, it can take a toll on you to make him understand your thing.

When you find sounds "Coffee..Coffee...Coffee " and then find a Cup of Tea on your workstation, it has to be Puran. Well its been 4 months in this office, since I know him. I hope many of my colleagues would have far more interesting stories to tell about him.

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Gulmohar said...

Tamanna...for all the BLAH...BLAH...he says (it sounds the same way), I still find it difficult to understand since my interactions with him from past 2.5 yrs..some words to describe him..WIERDLY FUNNY..BOND LIKE CLEVER..DUMB..LIER..and a SOLID DRAMEBAAZ