Wednesday, August 1, 2007

August - The Special Month

August has been one of the most special months in my life. Actually August is the month of that gave me my existence- my Mother. Yes, its her 50th Birthday on the 14th of August. And other another reason is the Birthday of the mother of all Indians - India, of course you know its 15th of August- The INDIAN INDEPENDENCE DAY.

And a specialist reason that makes August the center of my life is - its my brother's birthday on 28th August. What makes it the most special, is that Rakhi is falling on the same date this year and I am gonna miss that stupid person even more.

And one more special date 31st of August, when my Brother met my beautiful Bhabhi. So I am waiting to whish everyone and give them lots of blessings along with some affordable gifts. I can't send a gift to my brother and bhabhi as they are far off.

But its the 50 th birthday of my Mom. I am a bit confused between a watch, ring, anklets, goggles, a collage of past memories (I plan to collect her photos from childhood till now and make a collage on her life- howz that?).


Gulmohar said...

Tam...a collage along with anklets will be a beautiful gift for MOM Darling...however for your brother & bhabhi, visit nearby temple, pray to god for their well being and send along your heatiest wishes and LOTS OF LOVE to shower both of them with happiness through life time.

rimz said...
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rimz said...

hmm ...throw a small party n invite some close relatives and mom's friends...and keep this all as suprise package..:)!!
Yeah n u can gift a big-big black n white poster of her's best ever pic...