Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I have Started Hating the Non-existant

I dont know why I have started some one who does not exist for me. I do not believe that he exists, in case he is there, then I hate him.

Only for the fact that he is going to save us from calamaties and pain and sufferings, we should bow down our heads in front of him? No he is no where, had he been here, girls would not have been rapes, newly married girls would have become widows, little children who have just come to the world would not have faced life threatening diseases, the hindus would not have killed muslims and vice versa.

If you say its his wish, his 'marzi', then i must admit he is the cruelest creature or what ever you call him. He is selfish, he is emotion less and he is a butcher.

You people call him GOD.

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