Thursday, July 14, 2011

Chilly Jittery Sydney Morning in July

It is a chilly and jittery Sydney morning but haven't come across the famous Delhi's winters. Although it is much cooler and windier and chilly to send you to a cold paralytic condition, I still miss my home town's winters.

What do I miss so much despite being in one of the world's most beautiful countries? Hmmm...Let me think...aah well!

It could be the feeling of finally realizing that the winter has arrived and on its peak when you see the security guards lighting a fire and warming up their hands with a stick in one hand and a small glass of Chai in the other on the gate of the society.

Or it could be the smell of deletactable but sinful winter comfort food like Samosas, Pakoras, Gulab Jamuns and how can I forget the 'Gajar ka Halwa'.

Or it could even be the sight of all the ladies of the complex sitting togather in gossiping and knitting sweaters and gracing the park's ground with their littering peanut shells. And fairly floss, fruit and vegetable, peanuts, Saag walla ...all screaming their lungs out to sell their winter stuff.

And..most of all the misty, over foggy mornings where you could hardly see anything that was more than a meter away.

Well..I love being here in this clean, organized and well maintained winter but I do realize that I miss the rustic flavour of Delhi. Although I have moved so far..but a part of me is still very much there...

"Kaun jayga Aye Zaukh,Dilli ki galiyan Chhoor ke.."

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Gulmohar said...

OHHH...You made me ver very NOSTALGIC dear....indeed...I still remember those college days..courtship days when we actually enjoyed DELHI WINTERS the MAXIMUM....!!!!!