Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Teary Eyed, Heart filled with Anger and Feeling Helpless...

It is not new but the story that I read today in TOI moved me to tears and reduced me to a helpless person who can just shed some tears and move on with the day. I cannot help but to vent my feelings here.


How F****** sick is that? How can one even think about something like this? I just want to convert that man into a girl and make him go through what he did to a poor little baby.

Why is the world not safe for girls in India? Sexual crimes happen everywhere in the world but it seems that Indian society is the most affected by undying demonous desires of some sick men.

If I ever have a girl child in future I would think a zillion times before taking her to India! Although it is the place I grew and love the most..but things like this make me sad and vulnurable to stay away from a land of despos.

I cannot even empathise with the little girl's condition because she does'nt even know what has happened with her. I wonder how her mother and father are coping with this, as they know what has happened and what their girl has gone through.

The middle aged bastard found nothing but to release himself into a 5 year old girl that was innocent, helpless and weaker than other options he could have thaught. She was not even able to retaliate...I curse him from the bottom of my heart and make sure that I pray to get him an apt punishment. If he gets away with this, I will loose whatever little faith I have.

I appeal to all the parents out there especially in India to get their girls to know some hard-core self defence traning so that they are not vulnurable to the henious intentions of a large number of preying eyes.

Carry a pepper spray, a sharp cutter, some chilly powder, always note the auto or taxi number, never leave your child with any relative or neighbour alone, always stay with your child in the playground, and teach them the difference between a friendly and unfriendly touch.

Some simple things that we can do to avoid such circumstances but the most important is that we spread out the message about intolerance of the crime and demand the most rigrous punishment to the offenders to make them think a thousand times before their desires are waiting to burst out of their pants.

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