Sunday, July 10, 2011

+ Google Plus!

A new addition to a plethora of networking sites taking over my life already. I did cut down from orkut and yahoo down to just FB and gmail but this pretty tempting thing seems hard to ignore.

M already trying to cut down and keeping a low profile on FB, avoiding useless contacts and discouraging friends requests from people who just want to intrude into your privacy and vanish.

It is not a review of the features and all that. It is just what I found interesting is the video conferencing feature which means that you can video chat among ten people and see them all at once!

Wow..amazing, I really sometimes want to chat with my mum and take my little neice into conference so that I could watch her and mum both togather.

But am I going to create an account for the same? Well..m still in the thinking process..I am afraid lest me and my husband do the video conferencing to talk to each other while chatting with our families to save time!!!

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