Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ethical Journalism. Where is it?

Journalism or Press is one of the four major pillar of democacy as per the Indian constitution. The power to surface truth and fight for the democracy is a unique one, that is not available to all the citizens of the country.

When we were studying journalism, there was one book dedicated to 'Ethical Journalism', hope all the journalists have read the book. But as per todays's scenario , I hardly believe that anyone remembers it. Young journalists passing out from colleges are streaming the arena, where as being a learned, inlellectual, and having high level of thinking used to define a journalist irrespective of the degrees in their hands.

Five years ago, Jourlalism used to be an hounourable career, the moment u tell ur r a journalist, people used to respect you. But today, when I hear cases like the framed School Teacher Stning Operation, my hear bleeds for the freedom fighters who faught the independence struggle with their pens.

The job of a journalist is to bring out the truth and publish or present in an tolerable manner. But that doesnot mean hurting human sentiments and tormenting the viewers and the society.
It is so shameful that all the ethics have been taken over by a three letter acronym : TRP.

With respect to some original jourlainsts, I wish to see Journalism and truth as a true pillar of our democracy rather than pulling down our own respect.

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