Sunday, September 16, 2007

Forget it Folks

Yesterday I watched the Kundan Shah's bollywood classic 'Jaane Bhi Do Yaron'. I have watched it many time before some years back, but yesterday I watched it with a new perception.

Earlier, The movie for me was just a comedy movie with two jobless photographers trying to do silly things to please their editor Shobha. Now, I understood the irony behind this sattire, presented in such a magnificent manner by the director.

Every single character in this movies symbolizes a group or a part of our society. Taneja and Ahuja - the two competitors play construction contractors who are willing who can put everything at stake for their profit. Money is their God.

Commissioner Dsuza is a curropt government official who licks their feet for money but turns to the one who throws more bites at him. Other characters like Neeena Gupta and Satish Kaushik have enacted the roles of desperate people who have to bear every non-sense of their bosss to earn his trust and obviously money.

I was most amazed by the portrayal of Shobha, the editor of Khabardar magazine, who at the end also turns out to be a selfish lady, running for money in the name of social service.

The two heros symbolize our common man who tries to be faithful , sings 'We shall overcome', everytime he encounters a new problem, but is helpless at the end. The words by them ' kys Taneja ka koi kuch nahi bigad sakta...kya use koi nahi rok sakta' made me co-relate the situation of common people in the society who at last succumbs to a congression of all the currpot predators around them.

So..just forget it folks...

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