Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The IP Culture

Gosh! So much to write about today - IP, Cricket, Religion.... Let me Begin with some news of my college - IP College for Women, thats on the front page for protesting against molestation with college students by Aspiring Police Men.

Such an incident must be an eye opener for rest of the public and an alarm that the girls are no more safe in this beastly city of Delhi. Being in that college was a life time experience for me where we were not just taught our course books but also other facets of life and the science to deal with them.

I feel proud to be a part of IP, that has always kept low profile being out of the campus. And also being the first women's college of Delhi University, the college stands tall with its own vision and culture.

I am extremely happy that IP-ites have kept alive the tradition of intolerance against discrimination and exploitation of women the same since 75 years , and support the girls in their mission to abolish this evil from the roots and a stern action against the culprits who should be left to these girls for their punishment.

Bravo Girls! , thats exactly 'IP Culture'.

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