Friday, September 7, 2007

The Itch of the Pitch

After a long time, I am itching to go home as early as possible and envying all those who have an off. That's because my interest in the cricket has just been rejuvinated during this Natwest season.

Finally Finally we got to see the Sachin-Saurab pair firing all cylinders. The last match reminded me of the days when I used to watch cricket with my brother. Our mother used to close all the doors and windows of the house, because the TV sounds were accompained by our shrieks and cheers as if our voices were going to the stadium directly.

Whats more, we were not allowed to sit on the bed while watching the game because we two togather used to jump like monkeys and poor bed had to bear it all. She would spread a Mat (chatai) and provide us with two pilows each.

Although my brother is not here with me to enjoy the match, i will miss him today but I plan to enjoy the match after a long time as I had totally lost interest in the game due to its poiticization.

I wish for a good game of cricket and pray for Indian Victory. A loss would be certaily dissapointing but an exciting game is what I am looking forward to.


Amit said...

Sahin & saurav are carrying hopes of the entire nation on there strong shoulders & we definetly will make it....

Gulmohar said...

Today is the D Day...and being INDIAN we all wish...Team INDIA Chak de phatte FIRANGIYAN de..!!!

Namit said... use...india might loose...PAKI umprime gave few wrong decisions against us..